About us

Optimum Mfg Started out of necessity. Optimum opened up in 2014 in San Diego it was to supply all industries with a solution for a better way to manufacture their products. With an all encompassing plan to help clients Design,Develop and Manufacture. This has been a great way to make sure the Client gets what the want. 

What makes Optimum Mfg different from other shops is our owner is a machinist and has been in the industry for over 17 years. For him its not just a job its his passion that can be seen in his work. It is with this foundation to be passionate about what you do that separates Optimum Mfg from your local "Job Shop".  

In his early career Working with Mentors and always taking a can do attitude and never excepting good as good enough. Has given Optimum Mfg an edge in whatever products are produced. The continuous improvement plan in place makes sure we stay on the leading edge of tooling, computer and process technology.

We look forward to working with you.

The Optimum Mfg Team

Our Team